You know when you’re younger and grown up’s ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and kids give you an answer like “Firefighter” or “Doctor” or “Rock Star” because those are jobs they’ve seen (or think they’ve seen) or jobs they (think) they understand. Well, I feel like working with Bootleg Puppets would be a great lesson for anyone who ever says they want to be an artist.

People say that if you ever want to get used to rejection, become an actor. Having done bits of acting at University I know this feeling. But that’s a little different to Bootleg Puppets. Here we’re all actors, puppeteers, directors, writers. Sure, some more than others. Tim is the only one writing the Arthur script but I know that if anyone had a problem with a phrasing of a line or scene we’d work on it collaboratively. We all have different skills which is essential for companies like us.

Which leads me onto my skill: admin.

No child ever wants to be an administrator. And sure, I get a kick out of it, in every application form, cover letter, budget sheet, etc. I get to talk about:

  1. Why Bootleg Puppets is great.
  2. Why our show is great.


  1. Why you need us at your festival.

Anyone who’s spent long periods of time applying for spaces at University or Job Hunting will know that there’s a structure to it all. First paragraph is the introduction, second is the content of the show, third is why the show would fit at the festival, fourth is the budget and acknowledgement of the hard times the arts scene has taken, etc.

It’s a skill. It’s a damn good skill to have for a company like us. If you talk to any kids who want to be artists prepare them, in the most child friendly way, for the administrative tasks ahead!

The only down side of course, is that it’s not the most photogenic of tasks. We couldn’t post on Facebook about this because it would just a picture of me look stressed at a word document. Plus it’s not exactly cricket to talk about events we’re applying for before our application has been accepted.

But fun admin things are happening. Promise!

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