This Saturday marks two weeks since we sent off an Arts Council Application to request funding for our research and development period for our first adult puppet show ‘Avalon’.

Quick fire questions!

What’s ‘Avalon’? – Our first adult puppet show, suitable for those aged 15 and up. We’ve used the King Arthur myths as a basis to look at British identity, memory and time, and what’s really real and whether that matters when we’re old and grey.

What’s research and development? – Lovingly known as ‘r&d’ research and development is a mix of rehearsals and editing. We have a script of ‘Avalon’ that has only had three sets of eyes over it, so we want to have actors mess around with the text, help us find out what works, and what needs improving. As a puppet company we also need to figure out what our puppets need to do (in the text and how they physically work.)

What’s the Arts Council? – Arts Council England is a brilliant organisation that help artists (stand alone, companies, groups, museums, troupes, libraries, etc.) financially. Anyone who needs their assistance need to fill out an application form which isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Find out more about them here.

The waiting time for applications requesting less that £15k is six weeks, we are approaching week two.

A lot of what we do behind the scenes is admin (as detailed in our previous blog post) and this is perhaps our biggest admin task to date. At least for now.

We have a couple of meetings coming up and a lot of planning to do in case the Arts Council say no. We have a lot of things nailed down for our r&d period: rehearsal space provided by the wonderful Old Joint Stock Theatre and Bar (as part of their Open Doors project), rehearsal space with the brilliant folk over at Coventry University, and we have Bootleg’s company funds to go towards puppet construction. But we want to do more, which is why we’ve asked for funding – the big thing is paying people for their time.

We have everything crossed but we’re fully prepared to make a plan B. Maybe even plans through C – J.

So watch this space, here be dragons.

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