2018 is the year Bootleg Puppets MAKES THINGS!

While we’ve taken a minor break from Avalon, our first puppet show for adults, this June we’re lucky enough to spend a working week with the Little Angel Theatre. We’ll be stationed in one of their rehearsal rooms working on our next children’s show – Goblins!

In this show you’ll follow an esteemed professor of faeology who has been sent away on a research mission for her university to research faeries, goblins, and other fantastical creatures. After the Professor sets up her tent and begins to settle in for the night goblins and a faerie court invade her tent, the Queen of the troupe stealing her research papers as a cushion. The Professor must defeat the faerie courts champion to get her research back or else the University will never believe her.

We met the Artistic Director of the Little Angel Theatre at the artists meet and greet in the Tunbridge Wells Puppet Festival and we’re incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity to build our set and puppets, rehearse, and show off our new play by the end of the week.

Stay tuned for more goblin fun!

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