June was a helluva a month.

We were privileged enough to get rehearsal space down London from the wonderful people at The Little Angel Theatre. We had a new idea for our next children’s show and aside from puppet making we needed rehearsal rooms and the opportunity to perform to a test audience.

We worked solid for five days. We went from a skeleton of a play to a full script, something we had way more time for with ‘Caliban in the Rock Pool’. Aside from line learning the most difficult part was the final day: we had the final puppets, the costume, the tent, the script – time to rehearse.

On Friday the 8th of June we presented ‘Goblins!’ to our test audience. This play follows Professor Elanor J Cottingly who has set out to prove faeries and goblins exist once and for all. With nothing but her tent, maps, and her precious thesis book she prepares for the eagerly awaited faerie migration. Suddenly an entire faerie court invade her tent, her camping chair, and the Queen takes her thesis book as her new cushion. Professor Elanor J Cottingly must now compete in the three challenges set by the Queen so she can get her thesis book back!

Overall, we’re all proud of our work. For a research and development period it went well, and we got some excellent feedback from our test audience. We’re incredibly thankful for The Little Anel Theatre, that week in London was a terrific learning experience for all of us. Not that they need promoting look them up online or offline, they do some incredible children’s theatre.

Before we share promotional photos and all that we have one final hurdle: clothes for our puppets. This is a family show after all which means our Queen, Sir Alban (the Queen’s Champion), and the mischievous goblin need some clothes. We were also encouraged to figure out a brighter way of presenting the faerie court so I’m bracing myself for lots of crepe and sugar paper.

With the summer coming up we’re putting our thinking caps on for the next academic year (we want to hit up more schools with our workshops), future projects (Avalon and other things), and getting to perform our work across the Midlands and beyond.

So on with July, and August, and the whatever summer we have left. You’ll hear from us soon.

Here be goblins.

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