Bootleg Puppets is a midlands-based company founded in 2016. Focusing on using puppetry and object theatre techniques, Bootleg aims to tell a wide variety of stories inspired by myth, legend and folklore from around the globe. Striving to both adapt old stories for new contexts and create whole new ones in the lineage of our oldest tales, Bootleg makes use of the diverse skill-sets of its core team to create shows that use puppets to explore the magical and the unusual in a way that only puppets can.

Timothy Scotson, Artistic Director
Tim is a multi-skilled writer and performer with a diverse background covering everything from Shakespeare to street theatre. He has worked with a variety of established companies including Kiln (on Aloclasp) and Frantic Assembly (on X & Y) and has an extensive history of making work for families and open-air environments. This has included performing and co-creating work with the Fabularium for their Carnival of Animals shows for Coventry Mysteries festival and other events between 2012 and 2015, and working on Rage Art’s Christmas shows as a performer in 2013 and playwright in 2014 and 2016.

Daisy Edwards, Managing Director
An MA graduate of University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare & Creativity program, Daisy is a skilled performer who worked in ‘Shakespeare’s Children’, created in collaboration with the RSC and UoB, and directed by Justin Audibert in 2015. She also performed in ‘Kingdoms are Clay’ the first performance held at The Other Place in 2016. Daisy has done voice acting from BBC Radio 3 (Words and Music) and Brum Radio (Tall Tale’s). She is also a writer and performer of spoken word poetry.

Tom Crossland, Technical Director
Tom is a seasoned writer and spoken word poet, having performed his work across the country as a headliner at several shows and as a finalist in the prestigious Roundhouse Slam. He is also a highly accomplished craftsman with extensive experience working in wood, metal, textiles and other mixed media on everything from puppets to broaches to umbrella handles and is Bootleg’s lead puppet maker.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with:

  • Jes Rowe – find her on Twitter @JesRowe
  • Louis Osbourne – a smashing actor based in Stratford Upon Avon.
  • Rebecca Pratt – now working in the Education Department at SBT.
  • Heidi McElrath – a playwright based in Seattle, working for the Seattle Shakespeare Company.